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Older Son Living at Home

S.M. asks from Houston

How do I get a 27 year old son motivated to get a job and get out on his own? Please don't say "kick him out". That is what I usually hear. He has no job, no money...


Advice for Unisex Siblings Sharing Room

Y.L. asks from Washington DC

I am in the process of moving... My son is 3 my daughter is 1... This will be their first time sharing a room since their always in bed with me.lol what are good colo...


Sharing a Room with a Big Age Gap

S.H. asks from Denver

Have any of you grown up sharing a room with a sibling that is 10 years older or younger than you? How did it go and would you change it if you could? I just don't kn...


Sharing a Room-is It Really That Bad?

S.T. asks from Oklahoma City

So my DH and i put a bid on a really nice house that we LOVE (and there really aren't any others anyway) but one kind of big problem...there are only 3 bedrooms and ...


Seeking Someone to Paint My Kids Room

C.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone to come and paint my kids room to look like an undersea room. My son and daughter share a room, and I thought this would be perfect for the t...


Boy and Girl Siblings Sharing a Room?

J.C. asks from Phoenix

Things are changing a bit for our family right now and we are considering having our four and two year old children share a room when we move to a much smaller home. ...


Need Ideas for Daughter's Blue Room

J.M. asks from Denver

My second daughter is due in 6 weeks. The room we are putting her in is all sky blue - we painted it that color 4 years ago when it was a guest room and full of white...


Please Advise on Getting Baby Out of Our Room...

R.S. asks from Chicago

I got in to a habit of nursing my son to sleep...for both morning and afternoon naps and for bedtime. There are naps and bedtimes when my husband is successful at roc...


Need to Transition Toddler to Big Girl Room

E.C. asks from Dallas

My husband I just had a new baby. Unfortunatly, my almost 21 month old is still using the crib. We have our 11 week old still sleeping in our room for this reason. We...


4 Year Old Not Sleeping in Own Room or Bed

D.S. asks from Washington DC

I know I got myself into this fix by keeping my youngest in our bed when she was a baby. There is an 9 year difference between my toddler and my next oldest child, an...