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Constipation Issues on 1 Year Old--has Had Problems Since Birth

A.C. asks from Athens

I'll start with background info. When my daughter was born they put her on regular Similac formula. She spit up everytime we fed her in the hospital so we asked if ...


2-Month Old Has Bad Bms

R.G. asks from Houston

I need some advice please. My 2-month old did fine in the hospital and coming home from the hospital. She started off with Similac Advance and did great. Then when we...



J.M. asks from Dover

Hi. My 3 month old daughter has been recently diagnosed with colic. We switched to Similac Alimentum. Wow, it is expensive!!!! Has it worked for anyone out there?...


Baby Formula

K.C. asks from Washington DC

He had feeding issues such as spitting up constipation, runny and firm bowels, fussiness, and gas. He has used Enfamil Premium lipil, Similac advanced and sensitive, ...


Giving Baby Water

C.V. asks from New York

Hi, My baby girl is 4 and 1/2 months old and I was thinking of starting her on alittle bit of water. What type of water can I give her? is boiling tap water ok? or w...


Switching Formula Brands

S.S. asks from Dover

we are currently using SImilac, which is so expensive for a single container, and many friends have said Target brand is just as good, same ingredients, and cheaper. ...


Constipated 6 Month Old! HELP!

D.V. asks from San Francisco

HELLO ALL, I know its been asked before, but I have to ask. I have a 6 1/2 month old baby boy. He is so constipated, he was exclusively breast fed for about 4 1/2...


1 1/2 Month Old with Formula Problems

N.B. asks from Dallas

My daughter has been switched from Similac Advanced with Iron to Similac Advance Soy (I think its called) because she has severe projectile vomit, diahria, gas, etc e...


Help with Introducing Formula

L.S. asks from Nashville

I have a 5 month old baby girl! I am still breastfeeding her, but I want to start introducing her to formula. I have tried a few different ways but nothing works:( Is...


Formula/Allergic Reaction To

M.T. asks from New York

My 4 month-old recently had a horrible allergic reaction to Similac Advance Early Shield formula. Has anyone else had a similar problem with this specific formula? Th...