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Question About Formula

K.B. asks from Boston

I want to start introducing formula to my 9 month old to get him (and my breasts) ready for day care. Is there any difference between formulas? Do some taste better...


Nestle Good Start???

J.M. asks from Cleveland

I am wanting to switch formulas and I was thinking of changing to Nestle Good Start. I have heard some good things but I wanted more input. Right now my daughter is...


How to Wean Without Introducing Milk

L.R. asks from Portland

Okay, here's a rather complicated question. I need to wean my son soon. He's going to be 1 year in about a week. I don't have to wean him overnight or anything, but a...


Milk Allergies... What Do I Do?

A.K. asks from Dayton

Ok, So a little bit of background.. My soon is 9 months old and since he was 4 weeks old he has been on Similac Alimentum which is a very hypoallergenic formula and n...


Switching Formulas

D.L. asks from Columbus

We normally use Similac Advance and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on switching between formulas? She's not had bad reactions to anything she's eaten (wa...


Is Generic Formula Just as Good as Name Brand?!

M.S. asks from Lafayette

I have a 2 month old little girl, and was wondering if I should feel bad for wanting to use Wal-Mart's brand, Parents Choice formula for her instead of Enfamil or Sim...


Switching Formula

S.M. asks from Detroit

Does anyone have experience with Soy based formula. I recently switched from regular Similac to Isomil. My 2 month old was really fussy, spitting up sour milk, and on...


Organic Formula?

B.K. asks from New York

Is organic forumula better for baby than standard formula? My 7 week old is currently on Gentlease from Enfamil to supplement but am considering trying him on Similac...


Gasy Girl

K.S. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is almost 8 weeks old and suffers from gas. She currently takes mylicon gas drops to help relieve her but lately that hasn't been enough. She takes Simila...


Brand New Baby with Gas

T.P. asks from Wichita Falls

My brand new nephew (age 1 1/2 months) is having a terrible time with gas. He is on similac formula, was breast feeding until 2 weeks ago. is mother had some Soy form...