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Frustrated Baby While Bottle Fed - Please Help, This Is So Upsetting!

E.V. asks from New York

My 7 weeks old daughter is constantly fighting the bottle (was never breastfed). She started off great, but at about 3 weeks she just became frustrated with it. I tri...


3 Month Old with Diarrehea

S.M. asks from New York

Hello Moms, I didn't want to update this yet so I am going to write this in now. My own pediatrician advised it is okay for me to give her rice cereal just alittle b...


Milk Allergy and Breast Feeding

C.D. asks from New York

We just found out that our son has a milk protein allergy and a slight allergy to soy but we are not sure to what extent is the soy allergy is as he is an exclusively...


Unhappy with Similac Sensitive, Painful Gas, Crying Baby. Good Start? Soy? Alim?

A.R. asks from New York

Hi all, my now 3 month old (2nd son, 13 mo apart), is super uncomfortable, with gas, pains, tummy issues. always has been. three or four relatives have said he's co...


Six Month Old in 1St Percentile

N.M. asks from Bakersfield

I have a six month old baby and she is barely in the 1st percentile on the growth chart. She has barely cleared 12 pounds and it has just been an uphill battle with ...


Now My Son Has Thrush!

M.H. asks from New York

Hello Mommies -- First of all I want to thank everyone who responded to my request. All of your suggestions were helpful and thank you for the support that I needed. ...


What Could Be Wrong with My Baby?

K.C. asks from New York

I really am going to loose my mind and need some advice, suggestions or explanations here. Any help is super appreciated! My LO is going to be 6 weeks tomorrow. At...


Small Babies?

R.B. asks from New York

Hi My son is almost 9 months and has always been very low on the percentile chart for weight. We had some breastfeeding issues but I am still doing it. I've been sup...


Needing Advice on My 6Mth Old

A.W. asks from Springfield

My 6mth old is not gaining weight and is losing it. She eats 5oz every 3hrs and 4, 4oz jars of food along with 4oz of cereal a day. I have taken her to the doc and th...


Reflux Sling/sleep Question

J.R. asks from Columbus

My dd who is 3 mos old now is suffering from reflux. She is on 20mg of Zegerid a day after trying zantac and prevacid. She is mostly breastfed, but gets 3 bottles o...