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Seeking New Friends

M.T. asks from Dallas

Recently I just moved to the Allen area. The problem is I am not a social butterfly like my Hubby is. I don't have any girlfriends here to talk to. How do I make more...


Looking for a Lawyer for Some Friends. . .

P.C. asks from San Francisco

Some friends of mine are looking for a good, honest, not too expensive lawyer experienced in family law, detention hearings and restraining orders. Their current lawy...


How Do You Help Your Adolescents Make Friends?

R.N. asks from Houston

Hi, we moved to a new city about 7 months ago. My 6th grader did really well at first--it was summer, and she met 2 girls her age that go to her school and became fr...


Seeking Friends for Children

T.P. asks from Fort Myers

Does anyone know of any young adult meeting places? My 22 year old son has just moved from NJ to stay with us in Florida and he is bored to tears. He had lots of fri...


Restaurant Ideas for Out of Town Friends

I.N. asks from Chicago

We have friends coming in from the San Fran area and they are interested in eating truly unique food that you can only find in Chicago. No touristy or snooty/pricey ...


Making Friends at Preschool

M.M. asks from Chicago

Just wondering how you deal with the preschool socialization or drama it seems for some reason right now in my house. My son is 3.5 and is in a mixed aged program so ...


Son "Acting Out" When Friends Come Over

M.Z. asks from Los Angeles

I have a great 4 1/2 y/o son who tends to get all riled up whenever friends come over to visit. Is this common? Just yesterday, we had a play date at our home, and ...


How Many Close Friends Do Have?

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

i have 2 close friends and i am a friendly person but i do enjoy solitude also. the last couple of years i have finally got self acceptance and peace. i think i have ...


Advice on How to 'Break the News' to Friends

B.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, My husband and I just found out that we're pregnant with #2. We're not past the first trimester, so we're not announcing it yet to everyone. However, I a...


Facebook Friends List

K.M. asks from Denver

I have an odd one (I think) about facebook. I have a very small list of friends on facebook (about 50). I do not purposefully sit down and weed the garden as it wer...