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Facebook Friends Suggestion - How Does It Know?

J.B. asks from Louisville

Facebook is always suggesting friends for me and most of them are people who have friends in common with me or share my hometown. I have a nosy former neighbor that ...


Ideas for Thomas & Friends

M.V. asks from San Francisco

Hello moms, I want to buy a thomas & friends gift for my friends's 3 year old boy. He is a big fan of Thomas & friends and already has a good collection of them. H...


verAsking Friends to a Benefit

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

My nephew needs a heart transplant so there will a benefit for him to help raise money for his medical bills. Its $20 per person and there will be food, games, drink...


Our Best Friends Will Be Moving...

N.M. asks from San Francisco

We just had to tell our kids that their best friends will be moving to Seattle this summer. Both our whole families are super close, so we will all be missing our be...


Can Men and Women Be Friends?

M.S. asks from Topeka

I just wanted to poll everyone and see how you all felt on this subject. Can men and women be really good friends without the possibility of a sexual relationship? ...


Husband Needs Guy Friends

T.A. asks from Green Bay

We've moved twice since our 2 children were born and have lost touch with many of our old friends. How can I help my husband find new guys to spend time with? His c...


Afraid to Sleep over Friends House

D.E. asks from New York

My daughter is very outgoing and happy. She has had many sleepovers in the past. Lately she is afraid to sleep over her best friends houses. Just thinking about it...


Looking for Some Friends Belleville Area

L.W. asks from St. Louis

Im a sahm of 2 (3yrs and 9m) we have lived here for 3yrs and I still dont really have any friends in the area. d love to find a play group or something to meet other...


Looking for Some New Friends in Salem Or

J.G. asks from Portland

looking to make some new friends just moved here to salem orgeon from california a week ago and feeling a bit out of place and miss not having anyone to chat .


How Do I Invite Friends to My Facebook Page?

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

My previous post I updated that I was creating a facebook page for us ladies to be held accountable with eachother. I created the page but how do I send a link to in...