Friends: Tween

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11 Year Old Allowance and Chores

I will have an 11 year old daughter in a few days and was wondering what are appropriate chores? She's an only child and a very helpful one at that. Sh...

Bad influence

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12 Year Old Daughter Swearing

It has come to my attention my 12 year old puberty driven daughter has taken up swearing. I have recently heard her using the "F" word and almost fell...


Negative Influence

I need serious help! My daughter just turned 6 and is usually well behaved. My 1...

Birthday Parties

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Sleep overs

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My son is 11 and his friends are having a movie sleepover. The movies being played are Die Hard,Aliens, and The Matrix. All the kids are 11. Do you thi...


13 Year Old Sleepover

my daughter is turning 13 in 2 days. she is having a sleepover at my house with ...


Sleepover Nightmare

My daughter Madeline is very much into her aerobics classes that she has recentl...


Sleepover for Cousins

Hello- Got another issue with my husbands family and not sure how to intervene. ...