Friends: Toddler, Puppets

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23 Month Old Super Emotional in the Morning

My daughter is almost 23 months old and lately has been waking up very emotional in the mornings. She cries and cries for anywhere from 15-45 mins. She only calms down if I pick her up and hold her but I have to be standing up and holding her. Otherwise she starts crying again. And sometimes even holding her doesnt calm her down. She is gettting at least 12 hours of sleep so I know she isnt still tired. She used to wake up and be excited and happy and immediately start playing with our dogs. Now its just drama in the morning. Anyone else...

Birthday Parties

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What Do You Do with All the Stuff from Birthday Parties?

Lately my daughter (3) has gone to a lot of birthday parties. Every one has sent us home with a "goody bag" full of little stuff. Plastic toys, pads, crayons (we now have about 5 of those), etc. We had a little bucket for that stuff, but it is just EVERYWHERE. It is overflowing the bucket, some of it is too big for the bucket, and is just a random mass of junk. She's attached to it all, so I can't just throw it away. Help! What can I do?


Birthday Party Idea

I am looking for ideas (other than the over-done Pump It Up) for a birthday...