Friends: The First Years

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Picking Friends in 1St Grade

J.M. asks from Chicago

In my daughter's first grade class, there are two helpers per day. One of their privilidges is that they get to pick a friend to sit with them in a special chair dur...


My Almost 9 Year Old "Has No Friends"

R.K. asks from Boston

Hi. My son has been coming home from school complaining how everyone in his class hates him. I feel horrible. It seems that all of his friends are in one class togeth...


Britax Boulevard, Sunshine Kids Radian80 or First Years True Fit

J.C. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any advice on these car seats? My daughter is 8 months old and the infant seat is just getting too heavy. She's in the middle of a Suburban so to g...


How Do I Cook for 20 Friends Before So I Can Enjoy Visiting?

K.B. asks from Tulsa

I am wondering how you all cook for so many at the same time. I am thinking of hosting a 2 hour come and go for a bunch of our new neighbors to meet everyone. Do yo...



A.W. asks from Baton Rouge

My 6 year old son informed me this past weekend that he plays by himself all the time. At recess, at lunch, and at his afterschool place. I asked him if he tried to p...


E-cigs. like or Dislike?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I don't think they have been approved by the FDA so not sure what is actually in that vapor but I love the fact that they do not smell like the real thing. I have ne...


Best Bottle with a Shorter (Breast-like) Nipple?

S.R. asks from Dallas

We are due with our second baby girl in June 2010, and can't wait to meet her! :) I breastfed our first child, Emma Kate, mostly exclusively, but she had to have bott...


Sister Drama...

A.G. asks from Denver

So, I usually ask parenting advice, but I just need to know what you all would do in a similar situation. My sister had my niece when she was 18 years old, and durin...


Switching Schools, Private to Public School, Switching at Start of 3Rd Grade

F.W. asks from Portland

My daughter is devastated to be leaving her school and her best-friends. We will be moving her from a small private school (10-12 kids per class) to our local public ...


Have You Found a Leak-free Sippy Cup?

Z.L. asks from Denver

Please tell me if you have discovered a great brand of sippy cups. I really need some that don't leak... and haven't found any yet. When my daughter was a toddler T...