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Seeking an Outstanding OB GYN

I moved to Omaha from Lincoln a little over a year ago and I LOVED my OB GYN and have continued to see him while in Omaha. I am now pregnant and think it's about time I find one in Omaha. I live in the midtown area but that does not dictate where I go for my OB/GYN. Any recommendations and/or advice would be much appreciated.

Birthday Parties

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Seeing Party Location

I am looking for a place to host my daughters first birthday party, but i have many restrictions, first of all, my home isnt an option we live in a small apartment and have about 40 people to invite, also my daughters birthday is memorial day. We cant do the party the following weekend due to a wedding or the weeekned after that because of a cousins birthday, so memeorial day is our only option. We need some place affordable and somewhat kid friendly, doesnt need to be completely kid oriented, but she has a lot of cousins, so there would...


Child Being Left Out

Yesterday our neighbor had a birthday party for her daughter and invited all...