Friends: Puppets

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Daughter Keeps Saying That She's Scared...

My 2 yr. old daughter keeps telling us that she is scared of things. Sometimes, it seems like she is just startled by something, like when one of our cats runs around, but other times it is something bizarre. Last night, as we were reading a new book, there was a tiny picture of a walrus, and she kept saying that she was scared of the walrus. Huh? She has seen pictures of walruses before, and it never freaked her out. She is also scared of puppets, and things on her hands. Since birth, she has never liked her hands covered, so that one...

Birthday Parties

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What Do You Do with All the Stuff from Birthday Parties?

Lately my daughter (3) has gone to a lot of birthday parties. Every one has sent us home with a "goody bag" full of little stuff. Plastic toys, pads, crayons (we now have about 5 of those), etc. We had a little bucket for that stuff, but it is just EVERYWHERE. It is overflowing the bucket, some of it is too big for the bucket, and is just a random mass of junk. She's attached to it all, so I can't just throw it away. Help! What can I do?


Birthday Party Idea

I am looking for ideas (other than the over-done Pump It Up) for a birthday...

Sleep overs

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8 Year Old Girl Party

Hi Everyone, My youngest daughter is turning 8 at the end of the month. She wants to have a sleepover. I am looking for inexpensive ideas to make the party fun. I thought they can make their own fleece pillow (kit from Oriental Trading), but other than that I am blank. Should I just have the girls come around 5:00 pm and just do pizza, pillows and movie, or is that just too ordinary??? My daughter is really easy to please, but I want them to have a good time and not be bored!! Thanks for any ideas!!! C.


Fun for 4 Yr Olds

My daughter is having her first sleepover next weekend since we moved into...