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Preschool for 4 Year Old

Hi everyone...we are new to the area and I'm just now starting to look for preschools! So far, I'm having a hard time, because I would prefer something Christian based (but can be traditional) for a 4yo and 2-3 days a week. I keep finding 4 day programs and I really don't want that many days. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love her to be able to meet new friends at school. We live near Riggs and McQueen, so a drive within 10-15 minutes is also a bonus! Thanks!

Bad influence

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Need Help Answering One of "Those" Questions to 4 Year Old

My son recently asked me how he came out of my belly? I said we went to the Dr and he helped take you out. Then he asked if the Dr. cut him out of my tummy. The answer would have been very simple had I had a c-section. I always try to be honest with my kids. But, with this question, I am struggling with an answer that's appropriate for a 4 year old boy. The correct answer in my opinion is way TMI for a 4YO boy. Any advice?

Birthday Parties

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Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old

I am looking for some inexpensive ideas for a 3 year old birthday party. My son is turning 3 and wants to go to Chuck E Cheese -- that can be expensive. Our house is pretty small, especially for several 3 year olds and their parents...We are struggling like most everyone else financially and are looking for some ideas on doing an inexpensive but fun birthday party for our soon to be 3 year old.


Unruly 3 Year Old

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old...

Sleep overs

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4-Year Old Sleepover with Grandparents

Yesterday my husband, two kids, and I went to visit my in-laws an hour away, and toward the end of the visit, it was suggested (without asking my husband or me) that my daughter stay the night, and as we loaded the car to leave, my daughter was upstairs picking out which bed she was going to sleep in. Neither of our kids (4 and 2) have slept over anywhere without us, and I know to some that's strange, but when both my husband and I were young, grandparent or other family sleepovers were done out of necessity, and certainly there was more...


Girls at Sleepover

My daughter told me at a recent sleepover that 3 of the girls were naked...