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Pregnancy Test Results.

I have taken 3 of the meijer "the clear result and digital pregnancy test's" and each time it comes up not pregnant. it is now september 30th an i have not recieved my period for this month. I want to know it this test somehow uses light or not to get a result because it has a test stick that you insert into the test reader. when i release the stick it shows the control line for the test and it also shows a faint line a little ways away, but when i hold it up to the light it is not there but if i look at it straight down it is there. that...

Birthday Parties

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Boys Birthday Party Ideas

My son is turning 6 very soon and Im not sure what to do for his party. Im a little annoyed at how much all the usual parties cost, like the jumping places or gym places. They all seem to be around $300 for a group of 7-10. It seems like a lot to spend on a 2 hour party for 6 year olds. Does anyone feel the same or am I being crazy? Do you have any other ideas? Im running out of time and will probably end up booking one of these places because I don't know what else to do. Ive looked into magicians that come to the house and they are...