Friends: Infant

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Baby Cover for Infant Carrier?

I'm looking for a warm cover to fit over a infant front carrier and hopefully, the baby while in the stroller. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced one that works well? Thanks for all the suggestions about a car seat cover... I'm really looking for one that fits over a baby bjorn, though. :-) The ones that I've seen on the market just don't seem warm enough for winter... Thanks.


No "Mommy" Friends

I currently have no "mommy" friends. I would like to find some Moms in my...

Bad influence

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Influence on Daughter...

DD(17) is intent on getting a tattoo once she turns 18 in a few months time. I would love to be able to influence her not to get one, but the thing is I was about her age when I got one myself and would obviously sound very hypocritical. I know that she is also very influential over younger brother (15) and if she gets one, he will definitely want one when the time comes. I guess its their decision at the end of the day but I know I would rather not have one now...its just hard to say she shouldn't without being a hypocrite. Anyone have any...


Am I a Bad Friend?

The guy my best friend has been seeing for two years, slept with another...

Birthday Parties

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How Do Birthday Parties Work?

I am new to the birthday party circuit and I was hoping you Mamas could share your wisdom and experience. My eldest was invited to a birthday party (4 yrs old) in which siblings are not invited. I thought it was cool that my son would be going to a 1.5 hour birthday party (at a private home) without me, but was then informed that I am supposed to attend with him. I always thought that if the parent is required to attend, then siblings would be able to attend (especially at a home party). And, if no siblings were invited, then it was a...