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The Princess and the Frog and My 5 Year Old

I was hoping to take my daughter to see "The Princess and the Frog" for her 5th birthday next week. Has anyone seen it? It seems as if it may be too scary for a 5 year old. My daughter loves anything princess, she also enjoys cooking, so I think the movie would be something she would really like. However, the voodoo magic sequences seem as if the could be scary depending on their intensity. My daughter has seen Up, the Tale of Desperoux, Ice Age 3 and Night at the Museum in the theater. I would like to hear from any moms who have taken...

Birthday Parties

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Princess Birthday Party

Hi everyone my daughter will turn 1 in April and I am starting to plan her birthday party. The theme I want to go with is Princess. I have never planned a party before so I have no clue on where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Princess Party Ideas

My daughter is turning five this September and she wants to have a Little...