Friends: Adult Child

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So Sad My Neighors Are Moving - but Not Because We Are Friends

How screwy is that? My next door neighbors will be moving and renting their house out. We are friendly when we see each other, but we are really not friends. These folks are great because they have 3 kids, they are quiet, and never bother anyone. They are basically like us...they go to work and raise their kids. I hate to think of who might move in as a renter...Good neighbors are really hard to come by...we have a woman across the street that is insane and calls code enforcement on everyone all of the time...

Bad influence

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Would You Have This Friend Back?

My daughter is going into 4th grade. She's had a friend since before K who moved right before 1st grade. My friend and this girl, say Mary, just click. So for years the mom and I, who became friends, drive the 45 min to visit probably an average of once every 4 or 6 weeks. It can go in spurts then a dry spell bc of an activity or something. But fairly regularly. The girls just love each other and the mom and I think how cool it is that even with the distance and getting older, they still consider each other a best friend. There can be a bit...

Birthday Parties

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Do I Talk to My Friend's Husband About Not Coming to My Birthday Party?

I recently celebrated a big, round birthday and threw a party. The husband of a good friend - a couple we have been close to for 20-some years - did not attend and did not let me know he wouldn't be. He and their eldest daughter, who used to be best friends with my eldest, went to an exhibition instead, something my friend only mentioned when I asked if he was coming later, offhandedly like it was no big deal. I need a reality check please. 1) Is it reasonable to feel hurt that he chose an exhibition over my party? and 2) Is this something...