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Name Brand Vs. Store Brand Formula

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone uses the Target brand baby formula. Right now we're using Enfamil Lipil Premium. The last time I was at Target I compared the ingrediants and they were exaxtly the same with the exact same percentage of vitamins and stuff. I'm very hesitant to change because we had some issues with spit up and such but now I think it 's getting much better. My daughter is 5 1/2 months old and just started cereal yesterday. She still spits up but nothing compared to what she did the last 4 months. She's very healthy...


Parents Choice Brand

Hi, Has anyone here used Parents Choice brand formula(Wal Mart)? What has...


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Baby Formula for Cheap

Does anyone know where is the cheapest place to buy formula? I use similac sensative for my little guy. Dont know if there is any good websites out there or just a store in general they you've found to be the most cost efficient. thanks!!