Formula: Toddler, Hydrocortisone

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12 Month Old with Rash

My 12 month old son occasionally gets a rash on his legs and arms. We thought it was just a little eczema at first, but now it has spread to his back, neck, and belly. It doesn't bother him at all, but it freaks me out! They are oval shaped red splotches, the worst ones are in his knee pits and elbow pits. Any one know if this could have something to do with teething? It comes and goes, I've changed his bath soap and laundry detergents to "free" so it isn't a fragrance thing. Thanks!


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Can Formula Cause Diaper Rash for a Breastfed Baby?

I've breastfed my baby since birth but he's beginning to lose interest and not gaining weight as well. So, I've been supplementing with some formula after I nurse him along with his solids. I've never had much luck with pumping, so I turned to formula to supplement. The last few days, he has developed what I consider the worse diaper rash his little tail has ever seen, and I was wondering if it's the formula. He really has never had a serious case, but this is terrible IMO. Anyone with a similar experience? are some formula brands...