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Transitioning from Formula to Whole Milk

Does anyone have any thoughts on buying Oberweis Milk or Horizon vs. a regular gallon of milk in the grocery store. Oberweis claims that it doesn't give steroids or growth hormones to their cows and, therefore, I was thinking to go this route. My father-in-law swears that the growth hormones given to cows is the reason why girls are maturing at a much younger age now. Any thoughts on this?


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How to Treat Toddler Severe Ezcema with Fish Oil

Hi, I have a 2 year old son with severe eczema which was originally diagnosed at 3 months of age as severe seborrheic dermatitis, but has turned into something much worst with the overuse of topical steroids. My son has went through severe withdrawal effects since we withdrew him 8 months ago to the point where his skin has peeled off in large layers leaving his entire body completely red & raw. We are now at the point where we can't use any moisturizers on him & believe me we've been through them all caking him in creams & Vaseline 10+...