Formula: Pedialyte

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Switching to Formula

I am trying to switch my baby from breastmilk to formula. I have been breasfeeding her exclusively for the past 6 months, she also has taken breastmilk from a bottle with no problems, even if I'm feeding her the bottle. The first time I put formula in bottle she drank it fine, but now after that she won't take it at all, she won't even take a bottle with breastmilk in it now! I've had my husband give her the bottle and she resists it for awhile but eventually gives in but not drinking the whole feeding. Any suggestions?


Refuses All Formula

8 mo. old baby girl allergic to soy and dairy (causes mild to moderate...


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Is Pedialyte Ok for 3 Month Old?

Hi Moms, Ok, I may be jumping the gun here, but I'll ask just in case. I'm just getting over the flu (blech) and now I'm paranoid that my 3 month old is going to get sick. I know my 3 yo has it :( >sigh< Anyway, should my baby get it, is pedialyte ok to give her? I breastfeed her. Yay! Just in time for Mother's Day! E.