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Off the Formula???

I have an 11-month old who is already past his stage 3 baby food and is onto eatng what we eat, (with some exceptions). He is almost completely off the bottle and onto the sippy cup but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to when I can take him off formula. He does not often get juice and when he does its diluted. He will give him a sippy cup with just water and he drinks it just like it were the formula. I do put a bottle of just water in his crib at night in case he wakes up and hes thirsty or if he wakes up before us (as...


Not a Formula Baby

I have a friend who has begun chemo and has a 4 month old son at home. With...


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Mom's Opinions on Bottles/sippie Cups

There has been a lot in the news about bottles with the chemical BPA. Do you know what brands of bottles and sippie cups do not contain this chemical? I read 95% of what is on the market has it. Also, do you know if Playtex sippies and Nuby sippies contain it? What are you guys doing??? I need to know both about sippies (I have a 20 month old) and bottles (a new baby on the way). Glass bottles won't work as I work full time and daycare will not allow them!


Seeking Sippy Cup

Hello! My baby girl is 7 1/2 months old. We've been trying to teach her to...


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Making the Switch from Formula to Milk

My 12 month old son needs to stop formula and start milk. Also, the Dr. would like to see him off of a bottle in the next couple of months. He drinks a sippy cup with water great. I've tried putting just milk in the bottle to get him used to the taste, but he will take a sip and be done...totally not like him (loves his baba). We have started to mix formula and milk and he is taking that well from the bottle, but if we put it in a sippy cup, he refuses to even try it. Any suggestions on getting him to like milk? Suggestions on how to...