Formula: Myself

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Name Brand Vs. off Brand Formula

We are currently using Enfamil with Lipil, but I noticed at Sam's that there is an off brand they say is comprable to Enfamil with Lipil and tons cheaper. Is it okay to use an off brand formula?


Store Brand Formula

At 6 months I was done bf and started my dd full time on formula. We had...


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Aaagggghhh, What to Do Because of the Formula Recall???

Okay, so most of you have probably heard about the massive formula recall. And of course the toddler formula we use was recalled. I was just getting ready to switch from toddler formula to goat's milk, but didn't want to do it cold turkey! I am afraid that if I just abruptly switch it will seriously mess up the baby's stomach. I am still giving my toddler the recalled formula because the chance of the beetle larvae being in the powder was so remote, I'd rather take the chance at this point. But I've got to do something, because I know...


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3 Different Kinds of Formula Samples I Want to Give Away

I have 3 cans of formula that I received as samples and cannot find anyone that can use them. I do NOT want to throw them away. I am willing to give them to anyone that can use them for FREE. Here's what I have: Similace Advance 8.0 oz can dry formula (blue label) expires February 2010 Similac Isomil Advance 8.0 oz can dry formula (red label) expires February 2010 Enfamil Next Step Lipil 12.0 oz can dry formula (age 9-24 months) expires June 2009 I know I only have one can of each kind, but I hope it can help someone. I think you...


Picking a Formula

So, I breastfeed my daughter right now but I would like to give her some...