Formula: Hydrocortisone

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Eczema Not Getting Any Better ...

Hi moms, I have a 20 month old boy that has had eczema since he was a baby. It's mainly on his legs, arms, rear end and back of the neck.. ok, almost everywhere. Well we have tried a lot of different products and they only help temporarily and come back as soon as we stop using it. I have tried: Cetaphil, Aveeno, Aquaphor (currently on it), use Dove unscented soap, has 100 % cotton bedding, ... I don't think it has anything to do with food or the detergent that I wash his clothes with (ALL unscented detergent). Recently his ped...


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Baby Skin Problem

I took my 6week old to the doctors and was told she has baby acne, she also had a rash at the back of her neck, I was told to buy Hydrocortisone 1% and use, if her face got bad I could use a little on her cheeks which I did, now I think her cheeks and face looks worse than ever, her neck did clear up. I have stopped using everything now, her face feels really dry, scaly and I have satrted putting vaseline which is now peeling the dry areas. I worried if it may be something other than just acne, should I just wait it out.


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Can Formula Cause Diaper Rash for a Breastfed Baby?

I've breastfed my baby since birth but he's beginning to lose interest and not gaining weight as well. So, I've been supplementing with some formula after I nurse him along with his solids. I've never had much luck with pumping, so I turned to formula to supplement. The last few days, he has developed what I consider the worse diaper rash his little tail has ever seen, and I was wondering if it's the formula. He really has never had a serious case, but this is terrible IMO. Anyone with a similar experience? are some formula brands...