Formula: Evenflo

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Which Formula Is Best?

I am considering weening my child but don't know which formula is best. We typical eat all natural foods at our house. If it could be purchased in bulk at Sam's to save $ that would be a plus. Does anyone have any suggestions? i might just end up breastfeeding her until she's one, but i would like some freedom, and her dad hasn't had a chance to feed her yet.


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Poll on Formula....??

I am going to try breastfeeding, but I am very very sensitive in that area and if I can't handle the pain I'm going to do formula. I know everyone has their favorite formulas and I just wanted to see who likes what and why so it can help me make a decision on which type I should choose if I decide to do so. Thanks.


Glass Bottle Use?

I'm wondering if anyone has used glass bottles with success? We used Dr....