Formula: Aveeno

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What Brand Makeup Do You Use?

Has anyone tried Lancome makeup? I'm currently using Mac foundation and I like how the color matches my skin; however, it seems to be really cakey when I wear it and it is so obvious that I'm wearing foundation. I tried Clinque but it was too dark for me. I have very fair skin and have a hard time matching my skin tone. Any other good brands out there?


Cradle Cap Remedies?

My 2.5 month old has terrible cradle cap and now has icky crusty patches on...


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Seeking Advice on Chronic Diaper Rash

My son has been getting recurrent diaper rashes that are terrible! I have tried every diaper cream out there, Triple Paste, Desitin, A&D, Balmex, But Paste, Aveeno, Cortaid, and even Nystatin. I let him air out as often as I can and it seems to be the only thing to help until he goes again in his diaper - there the rash is again. It was so bad it bled. My doctor says there is nothing else I can do. HELP??


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Switching Formula....a Strange rash...and Baby Dandruff???

I have 2 questions. The first pertains to switching formula. I previously asked about brands and types of formulas to add into my 5 mo old's breastfed diet. I was giving him soy because I thought it might be he easiest to digest and based on all the responses I received, I've decided to switch to Good Start. Am I supposed to switch it gradually(like when switching dog foods??) or can I start the new formula right away? How will I know if he's allergic to dairy? I only give him 2-3 ounces every 24 hrs in addition to his breastmilk. I do this...