Formula: Aquaphor

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Taking Almost 8 Month Old off Formula and Going to Organic Whole Milk.

Ok, I'm out of town and my husband tells me that he took our daughter who is almost 8 monhts off formula and started her on whole milk (organic). To explain, she has had REALLY bad exemia (SP?). We have tried other formulas, foods, derm dr. with many many different creams, better cleaning products, etc etc etc. We have done it. So I'm a little concerened about her off formula this early. Is it really a big deal? Add vitamin drops? Thing is her face has cleared up within two days. Bottom line. All want to know is if it's ok that she...


Store Brand Formula

At 6 months I was done bf and started my dd full time on formula. We had...


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Peanut Allergy - PART 2

I forgot to mention, my daughter is only 4 months old. We don't use water/powder formulas, only ready feed. I use demotologist lotions and everything is dye free/scent free from her soaps to laundry detergents. It's deeper than that. Aquaphor works, but the dermotologist medicines work too. I just feel like we go through a tube a week b/c her egzema is that bad. I want to switch her to a more gentle formula, but I'm not sure if a peanut allergy will make a difference since most formulas are for milk allergies. I need to help her....


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Formula and Pooping

I have a 9 week old son with serious pooping problems. He is on formula exclusively and I have tried several different ones with no success. He also had acid reflux and is on Zantac. It's not that he doesn't poop, it's that when he tries it's so big and hard he can't get it out. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try? I tried some prune juice and just got a prune juice/formula shower. Does anyone have any experience with this and have a formula that was not only good for pooping, but also for fussiness , vomiting and acid reflux?