Forbidden Foods: Toddler, Munchkin

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9 Month Old Son Suddenly TERRIFIED of Bathtime

R.D. asks from Richmond

My son has always loved the bath, and outgrew his infant tub months ago. i bathed him in the kitchen sink for a few weeks (to try to save my poor back), but he would ...


14 Month Old with Negative Change in Behavior

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

My son has recently been more moody then usual. He is throwing tantrums which he hasn't done before. I am also trying to introduce him to the sippy cup. He throws it ...


What to Feed a 12 Month Old with 2 Teeth

A.P. asks from Pensacola

I'am having a hard time trying to find table foods to feed my 12 month old. She only has her two front bottom teeth. I'm scared to feed her any kind of meat or real v...


Good Shoes for 15 Month Old

M.V. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any recommendations for good walking shoes to get my 15 month old twins that have just started walking? I have Robeez that i used for indoors when th...


8 Month Old Teething?

M.V. asks from Richmond

My daughter is a little over 8 months old and still no teeth. For the past two days though she has been showing some of the "traditional" signs of teething- putting ...


How Can I Get My 15 Month off Bottles????

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

I have been giving my son sippy cups since he was about 6 months old. About a month or 2 ago I tryed taking my son off bottles and he was doing good he went about 4-5...


How Do I Get 14 Month Old to Use Sippy Cup?

K.C. asks from Mansfield

My son is 14 1/2 months old. He will only use the sippys that have the silicone tops because he can chew them and get his milk/ juice out. He will try a regular sippy...


6 Month Old "Menu"

K.B. asks from Boston

Hi! So my 6 month old little girl just started eating solids in the last month or so. Needless to say she loves them, so far we have had bananas and sweet potatoes....


Bathtime for 6 Month Old

G.T. asks from Monroe

My 6 month old son has recently outgrown his infant tub, but he can't quite sit up yet. I am trying to find a new bath method for him, but I'm not sure which route t...


9 Month Old Not Sleeping

D.P. asks from Denver

I have a 9 month old girl and I can't get her to sleep on her own. She either falls asleep nursing or I have to rock her or lay her on my chest. What happens is she...