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Plantar Fasciitis

D.N. asks from Chicago

I know i have read that there are others that suffer with this and things they have done. Okay, I was ina car accident just over 2 years ago. I wanted to stop but t...


Exercise with Plantar Fasciitis or Other Foot Problems

M.J. asks from Sacramento

Just wondering what types of exercises people here with plantar fasciitis or other foot problems are doing? I am used to being very active, which is likely why I d...


Leg and Foot Pain

R.C. asks from Peoria

My daughter for the last week or so has been complaining that she has a boo-boo on her leg. It started originally at night, but now she complains about it during the...


Plantar Fascitus - I Have It. What to Do?

D.D. asks from Phoenix

So, I'm 99% sure I have it because I read the symptoms and the most glaring one is the 'upon waking, first few steps hurt.' In my case, that is true. It is also corr...


Plantar Fascitis Help!

K.D. asks from Chicago

I really need help with anyone who's ever had plantar fascitis. I've been battling this for almost a year now and some times feel crippled with the pain. I've tried...


Plantar Fasciitis Treatments - What Works?

T.F. asks from New York

I have custom made orthodics that seemed to be working for a while (after I got them adjusted to make the arch higher), but now my foot is killing me again and I'm li...


Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

T.M. asks from New York

Hello everyone, I have a question, not for me, but for a friend. My friend had Plantar Fasciitis surgery on October 9th after years of suffering with the condition...


Bunion Surgery Left Me with "Stiff Toe"

K.C. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies! I had bunion surgery about 61/2 weeks ago. I was very good about "working" my toe to avoid stiff toe, but the Dr. seems to think my range of motion isn't...


Cortisone Shot for Plantar Fasciitis

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone had a cortisone shot for plantar fasciitis and how did it work out? I have a nasty and persistent case in my left foot. I saw a chiropractor last week an...


How to Get Rid of Warts?

D.N. asks from Dallas

My son has had warts and we've gone to the dermatologist twice. Most of them are gone, but 2 remain. I would take him back (and I still may), but it is 110 per visit ...