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How to prevent foot pain

M.M. asks from Detroit

Has anyone ever had pain at the bottom of your foot? My right foot hurts right by the heel close to the arch of the foot. It hurts when I walk, as well as when I am...


Pain in My Foot

R.D. asks from Boston

Hello, I am at 33 weeks with twins. Lately I have either a sharp, immobilizing pain in my right heel or it is numb. Does anyone have any experience with this? ...


Plantar Warts!

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

I come to you moms since you have helped me in the past. I have been fighting plantar warts for about 7 years now. I am now at the point of frustration since I've t...


Foot Pain

B.K. asks from Dallas

I have been having problems with foot pain over the last couple of months. It started with pain in the mornings. When I get up & start walking, I have a soreness in...


Pain in Heel of Foot

A.R. asks from Miami

Hi I have had pain in my foot when ever I walk for 5 days. I work all night I am a cashier and all i do is walk at work and i have a 4 year old at home all day so i ...


Pain in Foot After Fall

C.G. asks from Dallas

I've had pain on my right foot since I fell on the laundry room floor about 3 months ago, finally I went to have some x-rays done and the results are completely norma...


Plantar Warts

M.L. asks from Jamestown

How do I know when my plantar wart is gone?


Daughters Foot Pain

T.B. asks from Houston

First, I just want to say--how much I appreciate all the moms that take the time to read the posts and respond to each others cares and concerns. The MOM's on this s...


Foot Pain -- Anyone Else?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm 44 years old and for about 2 years I have been having a lot of discomfort in my feet. When I get up in the morning it hurts to even walk across the floor. Then i...


Plantar's Warts

D.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi everyone. I know I have seen info about this but I don't know what to do since I think I have used all the remedies listed before. Our eight year old son is grow...