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Silly 4 Year Old

L.A. asks from Boston

My 4 year old son likes to be silly all the time. It is often hard to have a conversation with him without him not being silly. He thinks that doing the opposite of w...


Almost 3 Year Old Not Wanting to Get Dressed.

L.M. asks from Seattle

Hi Mamma's, I have a very strong willed almost 3 year old girl.. She wants to wear her princess night gowns (or any PJ) everywhere.. It is so frusterating. On the ...


Help! Friend Giving 3 Year Old Espresso!

M.M. asks from Portland

Ok, so I have had this mommy friend for about three years now, and we get along great. I have also known her husband for about ten years as well. She works in a hospi...


4 Year Old Not Eating by Herself

T.P. asks from Portland

Hi moms, you've been very helpful before so i'm asking your opinion again. My daughter turned 4 in September and we still "need" to feed her other wise she would not ...



S.S. asks from Minneapolis

I took my son in about a month ago to get a wart burnt off. What happened was the wart got bigger so after 2 weeks I made another apt. to see the Doc. Well 2 weeks ...


4 Year Old Wetting the Bed/pants/holding Pee

S.K. asks from Washington DC

i have a daughter who turned 4 in feb. i am at my wits end and i dont know what my next step should be! here is my dilemma: she has been potty trained during the...


3 Year Old Tantrums

S.H. asks from Kansas City

So I have a 3 year old daughter (will be 4 in Jan) that has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. For instance today, she wanted to be carried down the stairs and I...


4 Year Old Does Not Want to Be Potty Trained

D.J. asks from Colorado Springs

Help! My 4 year old son does not want to be potty trained. He is in Pre-K and wears underwear there sometimes but I can rarely get him to wear them at home. He has no...


4 Year Old That Is a Very Picky Eater

B.P. asks from Houston

I have a 4 year old wonderful boy who use to eat anything we put in front of him. The last few months he has been very picky about what he will eat. He will eat hot d...


4 Year Old Son Having Poopy "Accidents"

A.F. asks from San Francisco

My 4 year old son has been having more poopy accidents since our daughter was born 4 months ago. He has been daytime potty trained since he turned 3 years old withou...