Foot & Toe: Preschooler, Lotrimin

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4 Year Old Complaining About His Feet

My 4 year old son has been complaining that his toes/feet hurt for the last couple of months. His big toes on both feet seem to have some peeling skin right above the toenail. We thought it was athlete's foot, so had been trying Lotrimin, but that hasn't really worked. I recently took him to the doc for an unrelated issue and asked to have him look at his toes. The doc said it was not anything fungal and to just try lotion and/or vaseline. We have been doing that, yet every night for the past week or so, he has woken screaming/crying...


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Has Anyone Heard of a Toddler Getting Athlete's Foot?!

Hello! I love this site and the mothers who make it such a great resource! So here I am two year old daughter appears to have athlete's foot. Her dad has been having problems with it, so I suppose it's common for it to spread, I'm just surprised to see it on my little girl! Her soles have red, scaly patches of dry skin and she says it hurts. I shy away from over-the counter medicines, especially for her. Does anyone have any great, natural home remedies they know of to help ease the symptoms and/or treat the infection? Any advice...