Foot & Toe: Maalox

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Hand, Foot and Mouth

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with hand, foot and mouth. My poor 14 month old is miserable. She goes through phases where she seems OK then cries for hours in pain. Its just awful, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Pain in My Foot

Hello, I am at 33 weeks with twins. Lately I have either a sharp,...


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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hi, I have a 1 yr old little boy that was just diagnosed with HFMD. It is a common childhood illness. They start with a fever then a rash develops in the mouth then becomes blisters. Has anyone ever gone through this? My little boy is miserable. It is a virus so the is nothing to do for them. We are keeping up on Motrin/Tylenol but his mouth is in pain. I was just wondering if anyone out there has seen this and has found anything to help sooth him. Thanks!!!


Severe Diaper Rash

My 15 month old has a severe diaper rash, it's inflame and solid red, he has...

Plantar Fasciitis

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Pain Medication for Arthritis? (Dogs)

My dog is a 10 yr old collie mix (we think). He is a bit overweight. Supposed to be 50-55 lbs, is actually more like 60-65 lbs. He was recently (Nov 2007) diagnosed w arthritis and prescribed Glucosamine w Chondritin and also 50 mg Deramaxx (deracoxib) for the pain. He was having trouble walking up/down stairs. We saw an initial improvement but then he started to get worse again, so I moved him to level 2 of the Glucosamine/Chondritin. He showed no improvement on the higher dose. We then ran out of the Deramaxx. Naturally he became crankier...


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Little White Bumps on My Son's Body...

Hi Ladies, This isn't an urgent issue (or I'd be at the doctor), but I am curious to know if this sounds familiar to anyone. In the past couple of days, my 5yo son has developed these little white/pink, hard bumps or nodules on his body. He has about 5 or six of them, on his hands, forearm, knee, and foot. They are hard but smooth (so not crusty or scaley), and feel more pebble-like than a simple pimple. He only has a few, so they aren't what I would consider a "rash," but they have all appeared in the last couple days. They almost look...