Foot & Toe: Hydrocortisone

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Hand, Mouth & Foot Disease

ick. i picked up my son today, 2.5 yrs old, from daycare & there was a posting that another kid had hand, foot, mouth disease. i never even heard of it until today! so i googled it & aside fr blisters doesn't sond any different than any other illness my son's already had. i don't think he necessarily has a low immune system, but he certainly get sick a lot (except for May & June - Thank God!) anyway, it also said the incubation period's 3-7 days. well, the daycare we go to & area i live in is pretty low to moderate income & most...

Bunions & Corns

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Help! First Time pregnancy/Mom at 36...whats with This Rash and My Feet?

Can anyone give me advise on the type of cream or what it is that I can do about this lovely rash that has developed under both of my breasts? The Dr says use hydro-cortisone with gauze, ok that helped for like a day and everytime I am hot (which is every day) it itches sooooo bad! Also, my feet are the size of tree trunks! I was told to limit my salt intake, drink lots of water and keep them elevated. So, then who does the wash, cleans the house and makes me food to eat? My husband works 60+ hours bless him, and is very good to me. The...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...


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Hand Foot Mouth Tips

UPDATE: We're all finally doing better. I think the trick is to be patient, give a lot of TLC, soft foods, and luke warm beverages. Neosporin worked well on the popped blisters between the toes, tylenol and motrin helped take the edge off, baths relaxed him, and keeping things dried out helped. Time helped heal the most. Stay away from others!!!! Thanks again for all your advice!! My 2 year old son has a bad case of Hand Foot Mouth disease. He has sores and blisters all over his throat, mouth, lips, face, ears, legs, feet, hands...


"Rash" Under Breasts

I have been getting a rash under my breasts (where my bra sits) that is the...

Toe Problems

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Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

I have a 15 month old son who has extremely sensitive skin and had horrible ezcema (sp?) since he was an infant. We found out that it was mostly caused by an allergy to pet dander so we had to give up our pug. Well, we have been using a prescription cream on him called A-Mantle since he was about 6 months old that our Pediatric Allergist prescribed (who is associated with CHOP). This cream is a hydrocortisone mixed with some other type of cream. We use it on him practically every single day (since he still has ezcema). I specifically...


Stubbed My Toe!!!!

Everyone does it and usually it's only hard enough to make you hold back and...


Advice on Broken Toe

i think i broke my toe and my husband said if i go to the hospital they will...


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Blister on My Finger............

for about 2 months i have had a blister on my left ring finger right at my finger nail. it is very itchy and wont go away....any ideas what this could be or similar experiences?