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Foot Care for Moms

Summer is almost here and as soon as I start wearing the cute sandals and flip flops my feet and especially heels get sooo dry and cracked. It was so bad last year I actually saw the doctor because I thought it was some sort of athlete's foot or something. She told me no, but need to keep moisturized. I have a bunch of creams and lotions, I know there are tons more out there that I haven't tried. I have the pumice and I currently try to put lotion on right after the shower and before bed (with socks if it is cool enough). Anybody have a...


Severe Diaper Rash

Moms - I need your help! My son cannot wear Pampers pull-ups and when he...

Bunions & Corns

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4 Month Old with Athletes Foot?

Hi, my baby daughter sweats like crazy! About a week ago, it was kind of humid, but still cool out and raining off and on. I put a pair of socks on her feet to take her outside and kept them on when we got home. I noticed that her feet were sweating so much that she developed some little bumps on the soles of her feet. They kind of look like they have water inside the bumps. She moves her feet together almost as if she is scratching. Do you think that she may have developed some sort of fungus on the soles of her feet, and if so, what can I...


Severe Diaper Rash

Moms - I need your help! My son cannot wear Pampers pull-ups and when he...


Help for Eczema??

My daughter is 2-yrs-old and has horrible eczema! We have tried everything...

Diabetes & Feet

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Severe Yeast Infection in 2 Year Old

Calling all mama's advice..... I have a 2 year old little boy that has broken out in what his ped believes is a yeast infection. About 2 weeks ago he had a small raised red spot, we kept butt paste, desitin on it with every change. Suddenly last week he got small bumps above his genitalia and with in 3 days it spread down to his knees. We took him to urgent care last friday where they said it looked like yeast and gave us Nystatin cream 3 times a day and let the air get to him ofcourse. It looked very slightly better after 2 days but...


My Hands Need Help!

My hands are so dry and chapped, even with repeated lotion applications...


Diabetic Cook Book

Hi Ladies. I was wondering if any of you know of a good diabetic cook book. ...


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Has Anyone Heard of a Toddler Getting Athlete's Foot?!

Hello! I love this site and the mothers who make it such a great resource! So here I am two year old daughter appears to have athlete's foot. Her dad has been having problems with it, so I suppose it's common for it to spread, I'm just surprised to see it on my little girl! Her soles have red, scaly patches of dry skin and she says it hurts. I shy away from over-the counter medicines, especially for her. Does anyone have any great, natural home remedies they know of to help ease the symptoms and/or treat the infection? Any advice...


Foot Care for Moms

Summer is almost here and as soon as I start wearing the cute sandals and...

Plantar Fasciitis

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What to Do About Painful, Cracked Heels

In the past couple months I have developed craked heels. They heel and then crack again. It's painful to walk. I don't know what the cause is or how to prevent it. Nothing has changed to cause them. I'm not overweight. I'm at a total loss and my insurance does not cover podiatry. Help.


Foot Care for Moms

Summer is almost here and as soon as I start wearing the cute sandals and...

Toe Problems

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2Yr Old with Bumpy Skin Looks like White Heads

My 2yr old daugher has bumpy white head looking skin on her arms/thighs and cheeks. We use Aveno bath wash and aquaphor lotion. Asked dr and she said it was a form of ecema and persribed a cream to apply but that isnt working either. anyone have this issue?


Stubbed My Toe!!!!

Everyone does it and usually it's only hard enough to make you hold back and...


Advice on Broken Toe

i think i broke my toe and my husband said if i go to the hospital they will...


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2 Yr Old's Finger "Injury"

Hi Mamas ~ Hubby & I noticed a strange thing with our daughter's fingertips - some appear to have been burned ! Her thumbs, first finger, and middle finger on BOTH hands have, what appear to be, previous burn injuries and are now "peeling". I remember when I was a kid, I played in our swimming pool for HOURS, doing handstands in the shallow end. My fingertips would go beyond "wrinkled" and look like someone took a LAYER off the top! That's what this looks like too, but, since our girl is only 2 yrs old, she's not doing that activity! ...


Bumps on Skin

Hi there! So I meant to ask the Peditrician all these things at our 2 year...