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Baby Food

A.F. asks from New York

Where do you think is the most economical store to buy baby food? The supermarket usually isn't the best. Most of my friends with babies say Babies 'R Us. I thought C...


Soild Food

E.A. asks from St. Louis

I've been giving my son soild food for a month now and was wondering if I can mix the food i have tried with him before trying others?. He is almost 7 month and doing...


Which Food to Start With?

A.L. asks from Philadelphia

my baby girl will be six months old this week...i can hardly believe it! we will be giving her solid food this week:) i am debating between starting with rice cerea...


Making Baby Food

J.G. asks from Dallas

I tried to make baby food with my oldest son who is almost 8 but I never felt like it got pureed enough. I would use a small food processor which I don't have anymor...


Baby Food

E.M. asks from Louisville

what is the difference between the stages foods i mean i know the consistency is different but when do you try and change??? does anyone make their own baby food??? i...


Trouble with Food

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone! My 17 month old is still eating jarred baby food. I can not get him to eat “real” people food except for maybe pizza crust, crackers ( any carb),...


Baby Food

P.K. asks from Miami

My doctor said that is time for my 6 months old baby to start eating some chicken, ham and turkey. Besides gerber food can anyone tell me how should I introduce that...


Baby Food

K.I. asks from Oklahoma City

Please I need real answers , I have 3 kids my youngest is 6 months old and like her sisters she don't eat the jar baby food doesn't matter brand or stage they just do...


Baby Food

N.S. asks from Portland

My 7 and 1/2 month old daughter had a cold and had stopped eating solid food. Now she is better, but I can only get her to eat baby fruit and cerial, she will not ea...


Food Issue

Y.K. asks from San Diego

Looking for you seasoned moms...just need some feedback on food for 11 month old. I feel like our variety is lacking...or that I find myself sticking to the things he...