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Family Trip to Mexico Resort. Snacks Allowed?

C.R. asks from Dallas

We are leaving soon for a flight to Cancun airport for a vacation in Mexico. Can anyone tell me what if any snacks,drinks are allowed into the airport/airplane? Not s...


Food for a Party

M.F. asks from Houston

I was thinking of having pulled pork made in a crockpot for pork sandwiches for my daughter's 4th birthday party. I would have probably chips and fruit and or veggies...


Inexpensive Get Together Food Ideas

E.B. asks from Miami

I'm having a get together on saturday night. Which i presumed would only be about 10 people has probably turned into 20. That's fine. Because we can finally be (all o...


Need Good Ideas for Easy Weekend Family Trip in Colorado

M.P. asks from Denver

I don't know Colorado too well yet. We haven't travelled around much yet, but I want to take the family on a weekend trip in October. It is my husband's birthday an...


Does Anyone Have a Good Cookie Recipe They Would like to Share

N.C. asks from Dallas

Something different than your original chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie, like a holiday cookie.


Favorite Camping Food?

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter and I are going to a camping family reunion tomorrow for two nights. I still have not grocery shopped, and am coming up completely blank about ideas for f...


Take Her to New Orleans or No?

C.W. asks from Nashville

I'm going to New Orleans in July for a family reunion, downtown NOLA right on Bourbon Street. So I'm basically asking to all that's been there if you would take a 2 y...


Something Other than the Old Cookie and Snicker Salad.

M.O. asks from Minneapolis

I am preparing to go to a family reunion, for four days each family group (7 kids) have to prepare a lunch or supper meal for that day. Anyways all the salads I make ...


Breakfast for 25 People

S. asks from Detroit

I have a family reunion next week and I'm in charge of making breakfast for 25 children and adult ages 2yo to 70yo. I need food & drink ideas that are easy to make. ...


Meals for a Crowd

S.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, We are having a week long family reunion and I'd love ideas for delicious, relatively easy meals for a crowd (about 15). We'll do some classic grilling/pota...