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Flying for the First Time with a 5 Yr Old and 10 Mo Old Baby.

J.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi! I have a questions!! My husband, 5 yr old daughter, 10 mo old son, and I are flying to Alabama in April for two weeks. Now, my husband and I have decided that we ...


My 13 Month Won't Sit Still

A.H. asks from Dallas

I have a 13 mo. baby girl that seems to have a hard time sitting still and/or displaying any short term attention. She does not play with toys, she is on the move con...


Long Road Trip with Terrible Two's

S.S. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, I am going on a 22-26 hour road trip with my son who is 2yrs old and his father. My son is in his terrible two stage and we've never been in the car for over...


Am I a Stick in the Mud or Justified?

H.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are at odds because he wants to travel and I don't. Let me start by saying that we have 3 yr old, very high energy twin boys, and a 4 month old baby...


Angry...People Take advantage..Husband Doesnt See It

J.L. asks from Chicago

My husband has missionary friends who are coming to town to visit. He has been friends with them since before we met...Fine if he wants to be friends with them...tha...


Need 40Th Birthday Party Ideas

C.S. asks from Houston

Does anyone have any ideas for my brothers 40th birthday party I am hosting? Such as fun activities or games? So far I have the food plans and Karaoke.


Travelling in Third trimester--I Don't Wanna!

S.L. asks from Boise

My husband was given two weeks' notice on Friday. This is the second time in 5 months that he's been laid off because work for engineers is drying up (no funding). H...


Mom Seeking Advice on What to Do & Where to Stay in San Antonio

C.S. asks from Houston

Hi Moms, Ok, I am planning my first family trip with my son's and my mother this summer, and could use a little help. First off, we need a NICE hotel, CHEAP! It ...


My Mother-in-law Is Lazy and Unnapreciative

M.W. asks from New York

We are planning a family trip (entire extended family, about 30 people) to Florida for spring break. We are renting villas in Orlando which I helped book. Since we...


Volunteer Ideas for Teen Girl

T.B. asks from Seattle

Hello, does anyone know of any good voluteer programs for my teen daughter (15)? My daughter is somewhat spoiled in a way that she doenst necessarily get everything s...