Flu Shot

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S.K. asks from Austin

i had a pregnancy test and was told that im 3 1/2 weeks pregnant so i went to the doctor 3 weeks later for the check up and was told that i was never pregnant. i dont...



M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I am just curious. Me and my husband have been trying to have another baby. I know you are supposed to wait until your first childs first birthday, but we are eager t...


Concerns About the Seasonal and Swine Flu

D.M. asks from Detroit

Good morning all---There has been much talk in the news about the flu and things that we are to do to safeguard our health. What are you doing beyond hand washing? ...


9 Weeks Pregnant with the Flu

E.W. asks from New York

Hi Mom's. A girlfriend of mine just called me all worried. She is 9 weeks pregnant and has the flu. She is paranoid she is going to have a miscarriage now. She is als...


Thoughts on the Flu Vaccine

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Ladies, I am just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the flu vaccine, especially for children. I never get the vaccine, and neither does my husband, and we...


Flu Shots for Kids??

E.J. asks from Los Angeles

I have two boys ages 2.8 and 8 years old. I haven't given my boys flu shots before but my husband asked me this morning my rationale behind this and i couldn't artic...


Swine Flu Vaccine

M.L. asks from Tampa

I am pregnant and have been told by various adult doctors, that I should get the swine flu vaccine and that they will be available Sept. 1. I am all for it, and thin...


Flu Vaccines & Cord Blood Banking

T.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am 32 weeks pregnant, due 11/7. I have 2 decisions to make that I am having a tough time with. The first is whether to get a flu vaccine and an H1N1 vaccine. Has...


Is Any Mom Familiar with the Swine Flu Vaccine?

J.C. asks from San Francisco

I've heard nothing but negative things regarding the swine flu vaccine. I agree that a vaccine can't be formulated in such a short time. Does anyone have any info?


Advise on Flu Vaccine for 2 Year Old

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

We are getting ready to have our 2nd child this January and we have a 2 year old now. Our peditrician, who we like, is insistent on getting the 2 year old vaccinated...