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Is a Flu Shot Safe at 11 Weeks Pregnant???

A.C. asks from Johnson City

I was just wondering how safe it is to get the flu shot while pregnant at 11 weeks.Did anyone else get it? Did anyone have any problems?? Thanks!!


Looking for a Pediatrician and Do I Get the Flu Shot When I Am Pregnant

T. asks from Milwaukee

I live in Muskego and work in Wauwatosa. I am due in November and am looking for a great Pediatrican to go. I was advised to get a flu shot but I have not put any m...


Confused About the Flu Shot When Attempting to Get Pregnant

C.I. asks from Washington DC

I just wondered if anyone knew anything about the effects of the flu shot if I were to get pregnant within 30 days of getting the vaccine. My husband and I are ready ...


Did You Get the Flu shot...and Then Get the Flu?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

I laugh about this because I swear, my mom gets the flu shot and then she gets sick a month or more later. I keep telling her to not get the shot and see what happen...


I'm 37 Weeks Pregnant.. Flu Shot?

J.L. asks from Denver

I'm really confused if I should get the flu shot. I have 2 other children, 1 that attends school and 1 that is just turning 3. I did have them recieve their flu sho...



K.C. asks from Detroit

Hi mamas, I am 7 months preg with my third, Never once had I got the flu shot. My kids are 12 and 7 and I am 30. Never once have we gotten the flu. THIS IS NOT TO...


Seeking Other Moms' Thoughts About Taking the Seasonal Flu Shot While Pregnant

N.M. asks from Dallas

My doctor has recommended several times for me to take the flu shot while pregnant. I have to admit, I am very apprehensive. They tell you not to take medication wh...


Flu Shot During Pregnancy

J.J. asks from Pittsburgh

So I am 32 weeks pregnant, and my doctor wants me to take the flu vaccine. I have been researching both sides of the argument and I'm very confused and worried. One o...


Pregnant and Flu Shot

C.Z. asks from Omaha

Is this safe? i need one but I dont know if it is safe. If I do I will get it tomorrow. ETA- My child will be vaccinated! Like it or not so that is not the question.


Should I Get a Flu Shot? (I'm 6.5 Wks Pregnant)

S.A. asks from Chicago

I'm going to ask my OB when I go for my first appointment on the 16th. I wish I would have gotten it when my kids got theirs in September, but I didn't...Since I'm i...