Flu Shot: First Response

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M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I am just curious. Me and my husband have been trying to have another baby. I know you are supposed to wait until your first childs first birthday, but we are eager t...


Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

J.D. asks from Detroit

I suspect that I'm pregnant for a whole lot of reasons but none of the 6 pregnancy tests that I've taken has turned out to be positive. Are there any tests that work...


Light Reading on Pregnancy Test!!

M.L. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, I recently took a Pregnancy test...I am late on my period and I ended up getting sick with a cold or something like that. I mean I had a sore Throat...


Possible False Negative on Pregnancy Test?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - I'm trying to get pregnant and my period is more than a week late (though in the past my periods have been unpredictable). For 10-14 days, I've had sympt...


Pregnancy Symptoms Just 10 Days Later...?

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, When I got pregnant with my first, I knew because my breasts were huge and sore and I had an awful taste in my mouth. With my second, I knew because I ha...


Vomitting in the Second Trimester

M.B. asks from San Francisco

I can't hold anything in my stomach since the last 3 days. MY first pregnancy i wasn't even nauseating, with this i was a little in the first trimester but never vomi...


Help Calm Me

R.C. asks from Spartanburg

I am curious/wondering if maybe I'm not crazy. I'm slightly worried that I may be pregnant. After having unprotected sex with my husband, I realized that we were real...


Possibly Pregnant?

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

I was wondering if any of you had stories to share, or insight into my situation. I have a daughter who is 2 1/2, and knew the morning after conception that I was pr...


Help!! Really Bad Bloating!

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have been extremely bloated and somewhat nauseous, no appetite, for about the past 5 days. My period is about 1-3 days late(usually, I'm anywhere from ...


Spotting for 2 1/2 Weeks

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

Here is a little back ground. I stopped taking birth control May of 2009 and have had regular periods with the exception of one month that I had 2 in the same month. ...