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Being Laid Off, When Should I Apply for Unemployment Insurance?

A.C. asks from Huntington

I am being laid off and need advice, please. I have been at this job for 12 years. The last 5 years I was offered the ability to work remotely as we moved 1.5 hours...


Looking for Information on Nanny Pricing

P. asks from Chicago

Hi, I will be looking to possibly change my childcare situation in December or January at the end of my maternity leave. At that time I will have three boys, one 8, o...


Labor and Delivery Fees Negotiable?

T.R. asks from St. Louis

I heard recently on the Dave Ramsey show that you can talk to the billing department at the hospital before you deliver in order to negotiate your bill before the bab...


Seeking Suggestions from Working Parents on Childcare During the Summer Only

N.P. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are full time working parents and the day has come. I know it is a year from now but our (first child) daughter will be starting kindergarten at a p...


Lash Lengthener??

N.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Have any of you used one of these products that lengthen your eyelashes and makes them more full? Like Latisse or (even better) something less expensive an...


Insurance Coverage for Breast Pump

M.A. asks from Dallas

I just read an article that some insurance plans cover the cost of a breat pump. Has anybody had any luck with an Aetna choice plan? If you have been able to get th...


Medco Insurance for prescriptions--Help!

L.S. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone have Medco insurance for their prescriptions? My work just shifted to this insurance and they will not fill the prescription for my migraine medicine. T...


Looking for Pediatric Eye Doctor...

T. asks from Chicago

Can anyone recommend a good pediatric eye doctor (just for routine visits) in the western suburbs? I would prefer an office that is part of the VSP insurance plan, b...


What's Your Experience with a High Deductible HMO?

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about switching my family to HD HMO instead of a regular HMO. My research sounds great and seems this is the way to go however I'm not ...


Any Tips on Where to Start with Finding Assistance with Childcare?

N.C. asks from Ocala

My first child is not due until March and once he is born, I will be on maternity leave for 6 weeks and then will have to return to work. I have been searching the we...