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Pre-tax Childcare Benefit and Tax Exemption Question

D.F. asks from Washington DC

My son's father and I live together, but are not married. Son's father claims him on taxes because he gets more money for the exemption EIC and daycare tax credit th...


Pinworms and Hygiene

N.K. asks from Miami

My daughter complained her bottom was itchy and sure enough, after she scratched herself, she showed me a white, wriggling worm, so I knew she had pinworms. I did my...


Need a New OB ASAP - Refused Care by Dr. and Am 8 Mos Preg!

D.H. asks from Tampa

Please be warned about this Dr. and any suggestions for GOOD OB's in Tampa who will accept a new patient who is 8 months along would be greatly appreciated! Currently...


Using Your Daycare Flex Account at Work

S.L. asks from St. Louis

Do you take advantage of your daycare flex account at work? I just started mine and I am super nervous because it is just so final. I WAY underestimated how much we n...


Is Daycare a Tax Deduction?

K.A. asks from Phoenix

Hi every one. We are new to the day care/preschool scene as I have been a SAHM for almost 4 years now. We are looking at daycares and preschools and I was just wond...


Health Care - PPO vs HSA

H.S. asks from Dallas

Ok mammas - if anyone will know I figured some of you might. My husband has changed jobs. The new company offers the traditional PPO or HSA (health savings account). ...


Gripe Water

B.S. asks from Kansas City

Where can I get this? I looked at WalMart and they don't have it. Does it really work? Is there a specific brand I need to buy?


Childcare Expenses and Taxes

N.K. asks from Chicago

When I return to work this fall (I'm a teacher) my 6 month old son will be staying in our home with a babysitter. I "assumed" that the money we will be paying the bab...


Need Advice on HSA Plan and Health Discount Plans?

A.J. asks from Dallas

Is anyone currently using a Health Savings Account Insurance plan through their work? Can you tell me if it has been convenient? What happens if I run out of money in...


HSA Replacing Health Insurance

A.M. asks from Kansas City

Have any of you moms done this? we are doing the Dave Ramsey thing and think from what he says that the HSA would be more beneficial to us than regular health insuran...