First Trimester: Tween

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Gestational Sac Problems

I have already had two ultrasounds and I am just at 7 weeks. I am going to a fertility specialist so they are monitoring me more closely. They have told me at both of my ultrasounds now that the gestational sac is measuring small. The baby is measuring perfectly at 7 weeks but the gestational sac was 5 weeks and 1 day. My baby has a heartbeat of 144 which I was told was good and strong. I was wondering if anyone has ever run into this in their first trimester and what the outcome was, and is it possible that they are wrong? Thanks for any...


Son Acting Spacey!

Hello ladies! Something is on my mind lately and I just wanted to ask and...

Morning Sickness

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Horrible Morning Sickness

I am about 12-13 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness is completely unbearable, im nauseous all day long anything i eat i cant keep down and im constantly getting this unbearable headaches. When i was pregnant with my first i was no where near sick like this. Any suggestions how i can deal with this and any idea when the morning sickness may end?