First Grade

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1St Grade Homework

C.S. asks from Chicago

Hi- My son just started first grade and is getting a lot of homework. I just wanted to check with others to see if it is just us or if the teacher is being unreali...


Repeating the 1St Grade

L.W. asks from Atlanta

i got the letter on friday. the meeting is on thursday but i know what's going down. she has struggled since kindergarden. she has adhd with odd. i've had so many...


Having a Hard Time with 1St Grade

M.H. asks from Provo

My first grader is very bright and talented and has always LOVED school....2 years of preschool and then kindergarten....until now with first grade. She cries every m...


No Homework?! (1St Grade)

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

I just got back from back to school night and I learned that my first grader's teacher will NOT be assigning any homework this year. At first, I was like, "yes! one ...


Retain a Young 1St Grade?

M.D. asks from Tulsa

My daughter has a late August birthday and we had always planned on starting her later. We put her in preschool at 3 and since then we have just pushed her along with...


Picking Friends in 1St Grade

J.M. asks from Chicago

In my daughter's first grade class, there are two helpers per day. One of their privilidges is that they get to pick a friend to sit with them in a special chair dur...


Do I Have My Son Repeat First Grade Again or Move on to Second Grade

T.J. asks from Kansas City

My oldest son started first grade at different school this year. In December we moved back to where I am from. Cause my husband and I have four little boys under th...


1St Grade Class Size Question

K.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all moms out there. I just had a quick question/poll. I am wondering how many kids are in your kids' 1st grade (or kinder or 2nd grade) classroom, if it'...


1St Grade - School? EDITED

M.R. asks from Cleveland

Ok ladies.. I'm seeking your help again!! My son will be 7 and is currently enrolled in a public school. However, I'm becoming concerned b/c last year he went to a p...


Invention Ideas for 1St Grade Project

N.P. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in 1st grade, and their project assignment is to make an invention prototype... Help! We need som realistic ideas! My daughter's ideas are too elaborat...