First Aid

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Seeking Moms

D.S. asks from Wichita

my one year old son had trouble when he was born. when i had contractions his heart rate would go down and it was because the cord was wrapped around his neck, in bet...


Dish Washer

J.P. asks from Buffalo

Hi! Does anyone have a dishwasher that they really love? I want a washer where I don't have to wash my dishes before I put them in. I only want to have to scrape off ...


Running a Day Care

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

hi moms i was wondering what you need to run a daycare out of your home. i know you have to own your home and take and pass a cpr class but what else do you need. whe...


Broken Nose?

E.B. asks from Seattle

What does a broken nose look like? My youngest threw one on my point shoes square in the nose of my middle guys eyes on Saturday. It bruised right away. It is ...


Wrist Hurts... Anyone Know Why?

C.Z. asks from Omaha

I have majorly ruled out broken... But my sisters wrist hurts. It is very slightly swollen, she says it feels like the joint needs to "pop" but it wont. She can pu...


What Is This Red Knot on My Leg?

A.M. asks from Lawton

Hi all, I have a hard knot on my lower calf and I don't know what it is or what to do about it. It's just over an inch in diameter. I thought it was a bruise fro...


I'm Bruising like Crazy

S.G. asks from Austin

I'm fair skinned and have a rub on tan :) Anyway, I thought the rub on tan would cover my bruises or at least disquise them, but no. How can I cover up my bruises? ...


Disaster Preparation

V.S. asks from Reading

A recent conversation made me rethink my disaster preparedness. We have a great kit from the red cross filled with first aid supplies. We have a couple of bins of...


Skin on Daughter Sore to Touch

K.R. asks from Lewiston

My 11 yr old daughter has been complaining for a few days now of tenderness in her thigh in one leg. She says it feels like a bad bruise from her knee to her upper th...


Large Bug Bite and Bruising

K.L. asks from Savannah

When i get bite by mosquitoes, regular sized bump and redness. When i get bit by mysterious bugs without noticing right away, the bite become very large, sometimes o...