First Aid: Infant

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CPR And First Aid for Child Care Providers

I am looking for CPR and First Aid courses. Any suggestions on where to take them? I need them by the end of the summer and the class through dakota county and mpls red cross dont seem to fit with my schedule.


Infant Cpr Classes?

Has any one every went to a class to learn infant CPR. My daughter is just...


Do You Know CPR?

There was a question earlier this morning that got me wondering why so many...

First Aid Products

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What's in Your Travel First Aid Kit?

Hi Mamas! We are getting ready to go on a family trip before baby 2 arrives. We have a 20 month old son who is becoming more adventurous by the day. :) Thankfully he's only had a few bumps and bruises and scrapes that we've been able to care for at home. That being said, I'm packing over the next few days and I'd like to get a first aid kit together, for things like stings, bites, scrapes, cuts, burns, whatever we need to be prepared, I suppose. Do you have a first aid kit? What's are the essentials? Thanks everyone!



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Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Ben, 2 1/2, is on antibiotics for a possible staph infection on his cheek (again). I'm having the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. He wont take it willingly, he will just spit it out. I have to have him take it, else he will end up in the hospital like last year for 5 days on IV antibiotics. I've tried bribing him with lots of different candy, but he still wont take it. I've tried mixing it with applejuice, but he still tastes it and wont drink it. I've tried doing it very slowly while he is sleeping, but he will just...


"OTC Meds or Not"

Lately there has been alot of talk about not giving children under 2 over...