Finding Out Sex

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Dealing with Gender Disappointment from 5Yo.

M.C. asks from Louisville

My dd just turned 5 last week. She has been SUPER excited to have a sibling on the way, but hasn't made it a secret that she wanted a sister. Every time she brought i...


Fun Way of Telling in Laws Baby's Gender

J.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello Moms, We are finding out the gender of our little one this Monday and I wanted to gather some fun ideas of how to tell my mother in law. Her 50th birthday is c...


Anyone Not Tell They Found Out the Gender of Their Baby to Keep It a Suprise??

H.M. asks from Detroit

My husband and I are having our third baby! Yay! We are so excited. At the begining we thought we weren't going to find out the gender of the baby until it was born. ...


I Found Out the Sex of Our Baby Today and I Want to Surprise My Hubby :)

F.C. asks from Los Angeles

Ok, so i just found out today the sex of our first baby (GIRL) and I want to surprise my hubby when he comes home. He wanted to know over the phone but I told him, he...


JFF - Baking Soda Gender Prediction Test

S.L. asks from Champaign

So.. I go for my gender scan next week and I swear it's going to be the longest week. So, someone mentioned to me about the baking soda gender test - so I looked it u...


Following up on the Gender Neutral Preschool Question

M.O. asks from New York

Hey mamas. There's a question on Mamapedia today about a gender-neutral preschool in Sweden, where apparently even gender pronouns are forbidden (see


To Find Out or Not to Find Out (The Sex)

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I'm on a roll with questions the past few days :) We have one boy and one girl already. We found out the sex with both of them. With this pregnancy being such a hu...


Husband Doesn't Want to Know Baby's Gender, How to Handle Family/friends

G.D. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I am five and a half months pregnant with our third child and very excited. We have two sweet daughters ages 6 and almost three. My husband has decided th...


Predicting Baby's Gender

A.P. asks from Cleveland

I am working on a surprise baby shower for my cousin. She is not finding out the sex of the baby so I was thinking about doing a couple of tests or games to help her...


Gender Ultrasound

G.R. asks from Norfolk

When did you all find out the sex of your baby? It is killing me to wait. I am 14 weeks and 3 days. I've heard that with a really good ultrasound tech you can find ...