Finding Out Sex

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Gender Calender???

T.T. asks from Seattle

Hello all! I'm a mom of 2 wonderful daughters. Recently, my husband and I have decided to try for 3rd one, hoping for a boy. I heard about this Chinese Gender Calende...


Gender Selection

M.P. asks from San Antonio

I have three boys and my husband and I want to try for that little girl. Has anyone ever tried any type of gender selection. I have been doing research on the interne...


Finding Out Baby's Gender

J.S. asks from Springfield

I have an ultrasound tomorrow. With this being my fourth baby, I was thinking it would be fun to wait until the baby is born before finding out the gender. Everyone e...


Gender Disappointment

B.D. asks from Boston

I remarried about 2 years ago and my husband has two teenage daughters from a previous marriage and I have a precious young daughter also from a previous marriage. We...


Gender Disappointment

B.C. asks from Los Angeles

We have a wonderful 4 year old girl and I always wanted a second child, but my husband was very reluctant. I prayed constantly he would change his mind, and guess wha...


Gender Disappointment

C.P. asks from New York

I have 2 sons and just found out I am pregnant with my third. I am sooo disappointed. I really thought I would have a girl. (I know this is our last--we just can't...


Anyone Wait Until Labor to Find Out the Gender? *Update*

S.L. asks from Los Angeles

we are pregnant with baby #2 and I don't want to find out the gender until i deliver. my husband on the other hand, wants to know. I'm wondering if any of you waited ...


Ideas for Announcing the Gender of Our Baby

T.M. asks from Dallas

We are pregnant with our 4th child and will be finding out the gender in a few weeks. We had fun revealing the gender of our 3rd child and I'm looking for ideas as t...


When Did You Find Out the Gender?

M.S. asks from Houston

I am dying to know what this baby will be, I am about 16-17 wks(can never keep track, maybe more) When did you find out what your baby will be through ultrasound?


Natural Gender Selection Methods

L.H. asks from Shreveport

Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts on natural gender selection methods.