Finding Out Sex: Preschooler

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3 Year Old Cries All Day at Preschool

T.K. asks from Philadelphia

My 3 year old daughter cries all day in preschool saying that she misses her Mommy. It has been 4 weeks now -(she goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hrs a day), and it's no...


Gender Disappointment

B.C. asks from Los Angeles

We have a wonderful 4 year old girl and I always wanted a second child, but my husband was very reluctant. I prayed constantly he would change his mind, and guess wha...


Birthday Place for a 3-Year Old

M.T. asks from Miami

Anyone know of a good and affordable place to have a birthday party for a 3 year old? We had the last 2 birthday parties at our house, but this year we want to t...


Was Your Gut Feeling Right About Baby Gender?

M.!. asks from Columbus

We have decided to wait till baby is here to find out its gender, which we are super excited for. But, of course we all like to read into those old wives tales and e...


Any Ideas for Telling Husband What Gender We Are Having?

M.H. asks from Salt Lake City

We have 4 beautiful daughters and are expecting a baby in June. The ultrasound is MOnday. We are really hoping for a boy because this will be our last one. Of cour...


Ultrasound on Monday - Gender Disappointment??!

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies. I have 2 gorgeous little boys (1 and 3) and I'm pregnant with my third. This 3rd pregnancy was a surprise, and we certainly didn't go into it "hoping for...


How to Get Lazy 4 Year Old Out of Bed for Preschool

S.T. asks from Santa Fe

My son recently started preschool. He has always been a good sleeper, but a very bad waker. He is extremely grumpy when he is woken up and he likes to sleep in on occ...


Following up on the Gender Neutral Preschool Question

M.O. asks from New York

Hey mamas. There's a question on Mamapedia today about a gender-neutral preschool in Sweden, where apparently even gender pronouns are forbidden (see


My 3 Year Old Son Loves to Dress like a princess.......what Should I Do?

K.L. asks from Santa Barbara

For about 4 months my 3 year old son has been very attracted to the Disney princessess and any other princess-like characters. When he has the opportunity he likes t...


Gender Confusion in a 3 Year Old?

J.B. asks from Dallas

My son is 3 and lately has been very much into girl things. This is more than just wanting to play dress up in girl clothes. When playing board games he insists (sc...