Finding Out Sex: Baby Bjorn

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If You Had to Do It All over Again, What Would You NOT Buy?

M.O. asks from Sacramento

Hi mamas! I have two munchkins that broke the bank - I bought everything "they" said I needed and then some. With the economy the way that it is, is there anything ...


Daddy/Baby Bonding Issues

E.A. asks from Houston

My son is 14 weeks and is having trouble spending time with his dad. They do great together for a bit of time, but once the baby starts getting fussy my husband isn't...


Having Babies Close Together

N.V. asks from Boston

I have a 5 month old boy and just found out I am pregnant! I'm really excited since I am older and it took 1 1/2 years to get the 1st one. I'm hoping others can sha...


Good Gift for Mom Expecting Number 2!

T.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi Ladies, My sister in law is expecting her second (another girl) in a couple months. My husband and I wanted to get the new baby something, but cant decide what. S...


A Good Training Potty for Boys

S.S. asks from Phoenix

I would like to get a training potty for my son. He is still way too young but I'd like to have it sitting in the bathroom so he can see it and we can talk about it s...


Will Have 2 Under the Age of 2...encouragement Needed

N.C. asks from Dallas

In about 9 weeks, I will have a newborn and a 17mo. old. I'm very excited and look forward to expanding our family. I know that I will have my hands full, and that t...



L.A. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- Our DS may be a bit young for this at 16.5 months, but he is showing signs of readiness, he can remove his own pants, he knows when his diaper is o...


When Does the Crying END????!!!!

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a 14 month old son who does practically nothing but cry and whine and literally hang all over me ALL THE TIME! Since birth, he has been extremely difficult to ...


Mothers of Kids Who Are Close in Age

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I am the mother to a wonderful, sweet and BUSY 18 month old. I am due with our second in July and am just looking for some words of encouragement from mothers who ha...


Seeking Moms Who Are Primary Breadwinner Yet Also Do the Majority of Childcare

P.R. asks from San Francisco

I will start off by saying I know I am very lucky and therefore would not be surprised to receive some hate mail. But I still have an issue... By virtue mostly of l...